Tuesday, September 19th, 2017

Marketing Checklist By going through this check list you can quickly identify the key areas where you need to improve the marketing in your business. The most important areas are listed first. Are you capturing the names, email addresses and contact details of your prospects and clients? Are you following up with your clients offering [...]

Websites That Work Are Websites That Do What You Want Them To. In most Cases For A Business, That Means, "Make Sales"! I know that some of you reading this have already taken steps to enter the online marketplace. The first thing to realize is that your website is only one of the tools you [...]

One Of The Best Tools You Can Use To Follow Up Is Email. But It Needs To Be The Right Emails And, For Most Business Owners, It Needs To Be Automated For It To Work . It is inexpensive. Even if it is automated with certain software. It is green. (environmentally friendly) It is easy [...]