Tuesday, September 19th, 2017

Fill Up Your Restaurant


Internet Marketing Strategies That You Can Use For Okanagan, Vernon, Salmon Arm and all of BC Businesses.

Here Is An Example Of How  A Restaurant Could Use The Strategies You Will Find On This Site.

A restaurant could have a weekly drawing of a free meal. Diners who enter and don’t win can be sent an email saying “we’re sorry you didn’t win the free meal but we really value having you as a diner in our restaurant so here is a $20 meal voucher…our gift of appreciation to you.”

You put conditions on the voucher to ensure you make a profit when your diner cashes it in. For example you might have conditions like: “Not valid with any other offer.” And “Limit of one voucher per table.” Since very few people eat alone this means you’ll almost certainly make a good profit even if your whole restaurant is filled with diners coming in with gift vouchers.

Most important of all you can also put a time limit on the voucher based on the average frequency your diners come to your restaurant. If you know your average diner eats with you approximately every 6 weeks you could give them a voucher that expires in 3 weeks time.

That increases the “frequency” that your current clients dine with you…one of the 3 main ways to increase your sales and profits as covered elsewhere in the site.

The same method can be used in nearly any business where your clients buy from you repeatedly.

Give them a prize that expires…they must use it within a time period that encourages them to come in earlier and more often than they normally would.

For more in depth information, go here.

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