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Marketing Checklist

By going through this check list you can quickly identify the key areas where you need to improve the marketing in your business.

The most important areas are listed first.

  1. Are you capturing the names, email addresses and contact details of your prospects and clients?
  2. Are you following up with your clients offering them back end products and services and giving them gifts, thank you notes added service…taking steps to build solid long term relationships?
  3. Are you educating and following up your prospects with gifts and offers by email, direct mail phone and/or fax?
  4. Are you making it easy for your clients and key people or businesses who are “centers of influence” to send you referrals?

You should focus most of your time and energy on these first 4 steps. If you’re doing all 4 effectively you will almost certainly have a very successful andprofitable business.

Most of the next 19 tips that follow serve one or more of these first 4 vital steps.

  1. Are you asking every client and prospect you talk to in person on the phone etc to sign up to your email list?
  2. Do you have a sign up form for your email list on every one of the pages on your website?
  3. Do you offer a huge targeted incentive for prospects and clients to join your email list?
  4. Are you using prizes and/or gifts to build targeted lists?
  5. Are you using time limits on claiming some of your gifts to increase the frequency your clients buy from you?
  6. Do all of your front-end lead generation offers and gift offers have matching high priced or highly profitable back end offers?
  7. Do you have your special incentive to join your email list on the back of your business cards?
  8. Are you printing business cards for your employees to give out with the special incentive on the back?
  9.  Are you regularly adding pages to your website with highly targeted, high quality content optimized for lucrative long tail keyword phrases? (don’t worry, we can do this for you as well)
  10. Are you gathering testimonials from your happy clients and posting them on your website?
  11. Are you using images with carefully chosen file names to match the keyword phrases they represent to increase your search engine traffic and give your site more visual impact?
  12. Do you have captions that draw your readers into your body copy underneath the images on your site?
  13. Are you using information products like your own valuable report or audio as a lead generator for your business?
  14. Are you following up with your prospects and clients by emails leading your prospects and clients to high quality content on your website, and/or gift offers they can claim by contacting you or coming into your business?
  15. Are you suggesting in your emails that your prospects and clients forward them on to their friends and associates to help them go viral?
  16. Are you adding the personal touch by sending handwritten emails, letters and notes to key prospects clients?
  17. Do you have a system for answering your business email within 15 minutes of receiving it or at worst at least twice a day?
  18. Are you using a special event calendar to create exciting ongoing promotions for your business that you can send by email, direct mail, do in house or by phone or fax?
  19. Are you constantly brainstorming ways to improve your marketing, profits and the ways you affect your prospects’ behavior on your website, over the phone and in your business?

You probably are not doing these things if you are like most business owners. It probably seems overwhelming to even look at it. We can do a lot of this for you and you will find that many of your current challenges will go away because you will be making SO MUCH MORE MONEY!

Of course not every business will use every one of these strategies. That’s why a customized solution is important.

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