Tuesday, September 19th, 2017

Follow Up


One Of The Best Tools You Can Use To Follow Up Is Email. But It Needs To Be The Right Emails And, For Most Business Owners, It Needs To Be Automated For It To Work .

It is inexpensive. Even if it is automated with certain software.

It is green. (environmentally friendly)

It is easy and fast

If you have 2000 people to follow up with, it is like having having 2000 salespeople and 2000 service managers on staff. Well ok. Almost like it. But you get the point.

If you sent out a thousand peaces of mail, the cost would be at least $750.00 each time. More if you have a multi color brochure or newsletter going out. So following up in the traditional way is cost prohibitive.

Not with email.

Of course you have to design the e-newsletter, create the content and be systematic enough to update everything and send it out on your preset schedule.

Do you think your prospective clients  and current customers would appreciate having informative content on your product or service, discount coupons, follow up reminders etc. delivered to their email? You bet they would; especially if they gave you their contact information. They are asking you to tell them more. The possibilities are truly amazing.

If you had a list of 2000 customers and prospects and you sent out regular informative content to with the occasional offer, coupon, special website only specials, and your response rate was 10%, And you did this 2-3 times a month. Well, what would an extra 400-600 customers a month do to your bottom line.

What if the results were only half that. It has to be done properly but the cost of having these systems set up for you can be less than one month of your current advertising budget.

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