Tuesday, September 19th, 2017

Online Marketing For Your Offline Business


Want your clients to feel great about you and refer you to others? Here’s How To increase client retention and generate leads.

You could see significant results in two month or less.

You will be amazed at how this internet marketing package will help your business grow! If you have tried different methods to grow your business, then you know how important it is to spend your dollars on results oriented marketing.

When we say marketing strategies, we mean how do you make your online presence work for you? If you integrate online marketing with your offline marketing, the results can be explosive.

For smaller traditional businesses, the internet is not included in their  marketing strategies. You may have a website but ask yourself this; Has it made sales for you? Is it a profit center or an additional expense? So having a website is only the first step. But it needs to be the right kind.

This article is going to give you a very brief rundown on the tools you can use. To learn how to make it work, you will need to explore the related links to the rest of the site.

Lets start with the website.

Your site needs to rank in the search engines. Otherwise it is like having your brochure sitting on your desk. Interesting but ineffective.

It needs to have lead capture systems on it so that your visitors willingly give you there contact information.

Having a simple way to write a new page or article will allow you to update the site easily

Even better if each article that you write goes to your entire client list

And finally it needs to be user friendly, quick loading and professional in appearance

Next would be regular follow up contact.

If you had your your paying customers and walk in traffic on a list and you were able to push a button and send them your offer, coupon or anything you would like them to know about your business, do you think that would make a difference to your bottom line?

You could do this over and over. As many times as you want. But even if you did it once per month and your response was 5%, That would be an extra 100 paying customers per month.

If your list was 2000 people, the annual cost on this would be less than one direct mail out to that list. Not a bad investment. And your list would grow every month as you had new customers, sign ups on your site and new walk in traffic.

Referral Marketing

Did you know that you can set up a well thought out referral system that will pay you dividends without a large investment?

Combining the internet with your current marketing plan makes this a very profitable experience. Through email, tell a friend forms, incentives and communication, you can have this working for you quickly. Seeing results in as little as two months is definitely achievable.

These are just 3 strategies that you can set up in your business. They work for almost any business and are inexpensive to set up. Make sure you take the time to explore the rest of this site and learn some more on how this can work for you.


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